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Road Transportation


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are surpassingly convenient with internal connectivity all over India. We consider one’s bulk consignment and carriage trade an appropriate mode of transport. Keeping one’s business routine in mind one’s logistics are managed timely and efficiently.

We believe in maximum automation of systems and computerization. With highly advanced technology systems, at the same time one can keep a track and also trace one’s consignments as they are transported from place to place.

We specialize in road cargo delivery of all sizes of consignments and all types of goods. With Om Global Freight Services LLP ., one can be sure that one’s materials are in safe hands.We ensure one’s cargo is insured against accidents and other perils. With our global coverage and local knowledge, we can be the best choice for transportation. Our aim is to carry one’s goods to and fro from various destinations safely and promptly, thus complementing one’s business needs so that one can focus on core activities.